"broken stories", 2017. written, directed, photographed and edited by artemus jenkins

completing this piece represented another major step forward in defining my style. a major challenge for me as an artist is NOT doing too much, but never has any other piece called for such a serendipitous mix of everything I have inside of me and my hard drives. the title comes from my friend, miya bailey's art exhibit that took place in summer of 2017. he asked me to shoot some promo videos for the exhibit; short lil clips that highlighted his process and told a story about why the art was coming together the way it did. not long into that convo, I decided it should be our next documentary. now, most films I had seen done on artists, ask them questions about their childhood, their techniques and you see some paintings, maybe the artist actually painting too. my goal was to explore the same ole questions, but present the answers in a more visually interesting way. miya bailey's story is one we all can relate to as black men; a story about a man who is the product of his environment, but refused to let stereotypes shape what that product could be.