"color outside the lines", 2012. directed, photographed and edited by artemus jenkins

there is a lot to be said about this film, but ya'll don't like to read so i'll be brief. this was the one that started it all for real for real. miya bailey and I went into this project trying to make a film the way we thought films were made; asking for money and permission, but we lost a year just trying to get it off the ground. once we took an inventory of what we already had, most importantly a unique story waiting to be told, we just started shooting. we took a shot in the dark at raising some money during production after we had some tape to show and the community helped us finish the rest. it was our first experience seeing what happens when you pursue the ideas and stories that are true to you. when you connect those stories with those who truly believe, the rest of the world will have no choice but to pay attention.