father's day

1 hour shoot

1 hour shoot


60 minute shoot

shot on location 

10 edited photos

1 printed 8 x 12 on luster archival paper

all photos delivered in 5 days or less, print pick up will be every tuesday 5-7pm

the goal of my portrait sessions is always to capture subjects as their most authentic selves and tap into emotions that are very personal, but universally relatable. with this shoot my goal is to capture the unique qualities of your family. each photo is not designed to look the same, no studio backdrops or canned poses. i'm interested in showing what makes your relationship and the way your family relates to each other unique. if that is expressed through sports, a family owned business, family owned property or maybe even the disfunction of trying to get dressed and get to the door, i like to give people a chance to be themselves and see how beautifully that can be reflected in photos.

if you have really spirited children or just a few looks you want to go thru, this one hour shoot is probably best for you. especially if you have a couple different set ups in mind.

after the shoot, a link to your photos will be emailed to you. you will choose your 10 photos from the images in the gallery and i will get them back to you within a couple days. from those 10 images, choose the 1 for printing. all print orders will go in once per week on Friday, and will include one pick up per week by customers on Tuesday.

all photos will be shot and exported in black and white. if you would like color photos, additional cost will be $75 for processing and editing of color photos.

shooting will begin Thursday June 8th and take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday until June 30th. when placing order, include information about dates and times that are work within your schedule.

full payment is required to book shoot. if shoot needs to be cancelled for any reason 50% of booking fee will be refunded. if I cancel the shoot, 100% of booking fee will be refunded.

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