Here's something interesting I just thought of as I began to type, there aren't that many things multiple generations have as a shared experience for their whole lives. Unfortunately, you have to go back thousands upon thousands of years, to talk to a black person whose reality hasn't been filled with the idea that the darkest color in the spectrum is the worst one to be. Black has been getting a bad rap for a long time, my whole life and undoubtedly yours too. That idea and many iterations of it, that I've discussed with friends and family inspired the name of the this site.

"The Darkest Color" exists as my personal contribution as a visual artist, towards broadening the narrative associated with black people worldwide. One of the oldest ways the black community has been misled and miseducated is thru the perversion and manipulation of our stories and our image. Because we are often in position to be dictated to, this allows harmful stereotypes and misinformation to take root in the minds of other communities and our own. The images and information created for this site, stems from a concern and love for the community of people that has and will continue to shape who I am, want to be and will never stop being. As a black man, artist and citizen of the world, it is my responsibility and duty to utilize my creative gifts in a way that gives honor to my ancestry, those who have always loved and supported me and for the benefit of a purpose bigger than myself. 

Take a look around and let me know what you think, let create even more dialogue and spaces for learning more about each other. I'm looking forward to how this space will grow, it's been long overdue personally. Send me an email at thedarkestcolor@gmail.com

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All words written and photos on this site came from the mind and eye of Artemus Jenkins, unless otherwise stated. All photos are available as prints, for inquiries email thedarkestcolor@gmail.com