"A Beautiful Day to be an Afrikan"

I woke up

worried, uncomfortable, positive and thankful

Sure of my purpose and unaware of my destination

Bathed in the hope needed to battle my uncertainties

Full of faith, faith that today will be beautiful no matter what.

No matter what story is written across the sky

or the envelopes of final notice, my hope is 

FOR PEACE. a peace that reaches from the recesses of my brain

into the spirit of all who I shall see.

A relay of energy, an empathy

a push, a touch, a hug, a smile. 

An assured glance, that at chance lets you know

today will be beautiful, no matter what.

Today I am with my people.

Today we are with one another, 

to remember, to honor, cherish and 

celebrate, those who have given us 

the will, dedication, spirit, the fight and love

to push, touch, hug, smile and assuredly glance

with confidence and an outward glow that lets your people know

today will be beautiful, no matter what.

Is there a better feeling? The feeling of

sharing connections, thru shared experience.

Being loved, without being known

Feeling the breath of our ancestors in the breeze

whispering thru tree leaves as our guides.

Taking time to appreciate the embrace of the sun's rays on your shoulders.

We are of the light, don't deny it.

To see hills undulating and adorned with blackness so rich.

Shade after shade after shade after shade.

Each hue as beautiful as the next. We are truly blessed.

To be here with one another, not only this day,

but to be able to change each other's lives for the better.

We can do that. What a feeling.

Truly magnificent.

It is with the spirit of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz in our hearts

those ancestors we know only by name, our personal ancestors

and our creator, we congregate and fellowship in peace.

Seeking to make each step we take better than the last

In these times we express gratitude, reflect and take solace


we can make each day beautiful, no matter what.