Starting this site has also allowed me to focus on other things I've been neglecting for the past few years. I've lived in Old 4th Ward for what I think will be 3 and a half years. I had always heard about Old 4th Ward, with Boulevard specifically as a street you don't walk around playing games on. While that's true, the neighborhood is very livable if you come equipped with a baseline level of street smarts.  Something that was very apparent when I first moved here was the dual personality of this neighborhood. If you have lived or are living in a place that is under "urban renewal" as they like to say, you already know about the schizophrenia associated with these locations. It seems to be magnified for some reason in Atlanta though; here its is quite common to see a modern, dual level space house with a bando for neighbors. With the property value being so low in some spots, if you have a bit of money, balls and patience, you can live in what will become the newest "live, work, play" ridiculously named neighborhood once everything has been "renewed". I've heard there is a West Old 4th Ward or something like that popping up *massive eye roll*

Back to my point about neglecting responsibilities, one of the pillars of my work is documenting moments in our culture. I look at photos of places in history that have undergone massive change for better or for worse and I wonder what this neighborhood will look like in few years. There is so much that has popped up around Boulevard, that is new and vibrant over the past 3 yrs but not much ON Boulevard. So earlier this month, I started to create a little ritual for myself that involved walking around the blocks a bit to capture the neighborhood. I'm interested to see what the story will turn into. I've got a few ideas on my mind though...