First Major Project!

Although everything I shoot is important to me for some reason or another, my next project you will see up here the next couple of months is personal and important in a different way. What I have planned for it and hope it does, embodies everything I've been working to achieve with my work. I've locked in to the fact that, no matter how I slice it, I'm always going to end up doing something that can benefit someone other then myself, but the key component is making sure there is substance and personal connection to that fact. I've been pushing to get to a place that only involves work I care deeply about. Even as a freelance artist, you're not guaranteed that everything you do will be exactly what you want or will benefit you how you want, and in those instances you have to make sure your cool with what it could do for someone other than yourself. 

This next project is centered around the New Afrikan Scouts Organization, a group that has been committed to molding and nurturing children to become global citizens committed to social justice. I've been to camp a few times as a child, been a counselor and now I want to help the organization grow and continue to flourish in a way I couldn't when I was younger. Having discovered the gift of image making, my next photo project and documentary will be focused on this annual summer camp held in the woods of Georgia. I have a lot to say, but I want to keep some a bit of a secret. In the coming weeks I'll be updating you all, but the best way to get a sneak peek, is to volunteer for the camp. 

If you have free time during these dates, we could use more counselors. If you have children, enroll them in the camp. On both fronts, as a camper and a counselor, I was able to share experiences with people that didn't simply revolve around how militant and revolutionary we could learn to be, but how we could learn to fellowship and spread love to our people. Above all, that should be the foundation we build our progress around if you ask me. If you need more info on the camp, visit and I can also answer some questions as well. Looking forward to sharing this project with you all and potentially seeing you at camp!