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artemus jenkins is teaching class...

...still experimenting with this third person thing. in all seriousness though, i'm teaching a class in about three weeks at Georgia State.

yep, real shit, i've actually got to teach grown ups and be good at it in a few weeks! now this isn't alllll the way confirmed, there are still a few administrative things that need to happen and being a freelancer for so long has taught me to count things as real when you can actually touch them. "irregardless" i'm excited about this, at least for the past 3 years, i've been secretly saying to myself and a small group of friends, that i think i might have something useful to contribute to academia. studying and practicing this craft for the past 10 years has shown me a lot and given me a lot of flexibility to do pretty much anything, including teaching which I never really considered when deciding what i want to do when i "grow up".

what do i want people to get out of this class? well, when i was in college and before i went to college, my mindset was the things i learn will prepare me to be serviceable at this one thing and everyone will acknowledge my proficiency at it because this paper says so. that's pretty much what i was told, but life hasn't worked out like that, AT ALL. life has shown me that you can and need to create spaces for yourself and they just won't pop up over night. creation is inherent to our nature as humans, so why not get in touch with more ways to do that. will i be showing everyone how to set up a 4K timeline? probably not. will we analyze Godard, Soderbergh and Charles Burnett while searching for parallels in their work? maybe a lil. as relevant and important as those things are, what i've learned to be very important is the personal clarity we need to have of our path and the resources you have available along that path. there is no one way to do any of this shit, even when people say "DO IT THIS WAY". my experience as an artist and a man, for the past 10 years has been about believing and understanding "DO IT THIS WAY" is the path you take to doing it "MY WAY" or from your perspective as the reader, doing it "YOUR WAY'.

there is nothing wrong with following an example, one point of emphasis in my lessons will be the importance of mentorship and a strong circle of influence for your studies however; if things are to improve we can't be afraid to try shit, to make shit up. my whole life as a creative is more or less made up. to keep it a buck, i'm making this class up. still gotta finish my syllabus actually. i would sometimes wonder, what people like Scorcese and Spike Lee were doing when they weren't making movies and i found out they were teaching! in fact LOTS of artists teach, because shocking as it may be, there really aren't many people teaching art. finding that out led me to the number of ways artists put their art back into the world. it's not just about creating the dopest films and photo essays; it's equally important to create spaces, opportunities. NEW WAYS. so when these journalism, african american studies and film majors come sit in this new ass class, with someone who looks like he should be sitting down and learning with them, the main thing i want everyone to understand is we are all creators; it's inherent to who we are as humans. the students i have are film majors, journalism and african american studies majors, with amazing ideas and things on their minds as expansive and broad as this galaxy.  why not be apart of helping those people find "THEIR WAY".

now if you are student currently accepted and enrolled in GSU, you can take this class. if you aren't you can't, sorry. but, i do have plans to expand my real estate for instruction, i'm working on it. if you know a student who may be interested, tell them about this opportunity, we have space for 30 heads. like i said, i'm looking forward to it, IMMENSELY : )