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covington highway

for my fellow artists, collectors and appreciators of art, i will doing more posts like these giving some insight to my process photographing in the streets.

last week i went to carnival, specifically the REAL one as it's called locally. internal strife has yielded a slightly more commercial carnival experience downtown and something with a bit more kick in the ginger beer over in decatur.

i've been to caribana at least, mas afficionados will shame me for saying that, but it wasn't my choice! i still enjoyed myself, i'll get to trinidad oneday. anyways, it was interesting seeing how it looks down south, how the location and cultures intersect and parallel. that being said, i wasn't looking for a whole bunch of photos of wining and all that, like i said, i've at least been to caribana.

the parking lot was the most interesting part to me, felt like i a photography two for one, with the event and the building in the lot. it was fun to play with color, plus your not doing a festival like this much justice in monochrome.