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soooo, how are we related again?

anybody else have one of those types of families where you meet a new cousin or 5 every family reunion? I hear a lot of people talk about how big their family is, personally I’ve never thought about my family’s size, I just know the squad is deep and thorough. With all that, comes a lot of interesting dynamics that can get a bit complicated. So for instance lets say you have a bride to be and a husband to be, throw in the husband’s ex wife who happens to be BFFs with the bride to be, the bride to be and husband to be have a child who not only knows her 4 siblings the ex wife has but spends tons of time with them and EVERYBODY gets along and loves the shit out of each other. I’m positive my family has something like that going on, but this situation applies to the family in these photos.

I got the text from my friend Taj (the ex-wife) explaining this set up and first I was like, “hmm that’s different” then when I thought about all the non-blood family, I have that we call family, I realized actually that’s not strange at all. I ain’t never heard anybody, nor have I called anybody in my family, step or half anything. No explanations of how this person who is much lighter than me is somehow my sister or cousin or aunt, everybody is just family. When you think about it, what’s the point in describing such delineations? It makes me a horrible keeper of family history, but it also simplifies my life.

I dig the idea of people deciding it makes a whole hell of a lot more sense to just love and support each other instead of highlighting what makes us different to every one who notices our hair texture is different or why the woman from a man’s life (x) years ago is not trying to strangle the woman in his life now? My answer to anyone who thinks those are fair questions or reasons to keep people, children especially, separate would simply be, why? I’m thankful for my immediate, extended and far reaching family wherever and whoever they are. I haven’t seen it’s disadvantage yet. I actually tried to do a little figuring out of our dynamics, but it quickly started to become like algebra and I quit.

So when I spoke to the bride to be and she told me how excited she was to get everyone together and wear all black and we clarified that we were about to shoot some street shit and pull the charger up in the middle of that thang , I was like "hell yeah! Im ALL about that. “can we move the shoot up a couple weeks?” even better!  When I shoot people, I like to give them space to be who they are. We not doing all this posy fake love, fake perfect shit. Life ain’t perfect and that’s evidenced by the remarriage the husband to be is about to embark on next year. however; despite life’s imperfections, there is no evidence that you can’t make YOUR life the best it can possibly be with the time we all have. from what I felt, being around this unit and producing these photos, I’m honored to have captured what perfection looks like for them.