My name is artemus jenkins, i document black culture and write my own bios.

I was born in west baltimore to parents who met in south carolina during the 80s and allowed me to grow up as a student, fan and part time practitioner of hip hop, just like anybody with some sense! What i remember most about the different types of films, images and music i saw thru the lens of hip hop is how much they informed my understanding of other people like me. Being close to so many from similar backgrounds, authoring their own stories showed me the importance of seeing your people in various arenas, doing all types of things.

13 years ago, when I conjured the audacity to think I could create some art people would care about I rooted my goals as a documentarian in those simple ideas.  my artistic style borrows heavily from the D-I-Y approach of hip hop combining inspiration from music videos, photojournalism and those really artsy films that make you feel a lil weird, but you still end up liking em.

I think children are the future and need more Wu-Tang albums, so I honestly do the things I do because somebody did them for me when I was a child. Gordon Parks, Spike Lee, John Singleton, Roy Decarava and Hype Williams helped me understand that my thoughts and stories are possible and relevant, even if they all look different. My family and the village around me made sure I knew if I wanted to be some combination of all these amazing people mentioned, that was possible too.

So here I am...doing all types of things : )