documentary short. 2011

this was my first kinda sorta lengthy documentary project. I learned a lot about editing and collaboration on this project working with 2Chainz. In 2011 there was still a heavy contingency of DVD watchers. Barbershops, dorm rooms and trap houses around the world love watching a nice come-up story.

It was pretty much a two man team and we used a combination of archival footage, stuff I was shooting and flip camera footage shot by 2Chainz himself. I was self producing a film of my own at the time, so this definitely helped set the stage for me to make my next big jump as an emerging filmmaker.

we did a screening at the movie theaters off Camp Creek and then the documentary had "the internet going nuts" successfully introducing everyone to the man who went from Tity Boi to 2Chainz.

directed, shot and edited by Artemus Jenkins

produced by 2Chainz


feature length doc, 2012

this was my first longform project. I think my primary concern was not boring anyone to death! this is the first and only film about the lives and stories of the world's top black tattoo artists. within the film we dispel some myths centered around the artform such as "you can't tattoo color on dark skin" or that all black tattoo artists are lesser than their counterparts.

many of the artists from this film have continued to grow and extend their brands internationally. Ryan Henry was 2 years into tattooing and building his private studio in a local Chicago neighborhood. Now the show he headlines, “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” is going into it’s 6th season. By providing education about the artform of tattoo culture it has grown beyond the simple stereotypes and into a something many young artists are using to empower themselves and others.

Miya Bailey and I are currently in production for a new film on the impact of creative culture and economics. have you heard of Peters Street Station?

co-produced, directed, shot and edited by Artemus Jenkins

produced by Miya Bailey

story and concept by Miya Bailey

story consultation by KarynRose Bruyning

score by GO DREAMER and Jaye Price

docu-series, 2012

in 2010 the idea to do a more intimate story about strip club culture then I had ever seen, seemed like a good one. Growing up, the only pieces that came to mind, that were mainstream and about the taboo conversation of women in the sex industry were all about prostitution. More specifically the pieces that featured black women, were one sided in their perspective really only giving the men a voice.

Because Atlanta as a culture provides a bevy of choices when it comes to how you spend an evening, I had personally been to most of the clubs here from my time working as a music promoter. My interactions with the women had shown me that there was more depth to the women than shown on TV, so the decision was to do a project that actually allowed us to hear from the women, inside the clubs, telling their own stories.

When we released Power of Pussy (P.O.P) online it went viral in ways I didn't expect or really consider at all. We got hella coverage all over the web on sites like Vice, Bossip and Maurice Garland. People were ripping the video and putting it on their own youtube channels, getting views and what not (we seen’t ya!). I got asked to lecture at a white feminist group in the Midwest this one time. I went, they were friendly. At the time there weren't masses of people self producing docu-series and putting them on YouTube, especially not about this topic. Shortly after the series wrapped, a number of documentaries providing "new insight" and access to the strip clubs that run hip hop/ the stories of women who influence hip hop started popping up almost annually.

My friends would always come tell me that "someone is copying your idea" and personally I was never bothered by it, but I can't ignore the fact that people really did start making ALOT of content about strip club culture after we did it. I do appreciate how much the conversation has opened up though….

produced, directed shot and edited by Artemus Jenkins

story consultation by KarynRose Bruyning

score by GO DREAMER

Too often in love, people are not straight shooters. Enough of the time people don't simply lay their cards on the table and let the other make an educated decision. With no "carfax" you are left to take people based on what's in front of you but that's not always their real selves.

a Christmas in July 1982 film

written, produced & directed by KarynRose Bruyning

photographed, edited & starring Artemus Jenkins

doc short, 2014

my mentor Khary Bruyning inspired the title of this film. back when I was getting flewed out for work on the regular I would always notice that people who I couldn't understand were always talking to me like I should. he told me it was the world's way of calling out to me.

The City of Ink Collective decided to take the culture being incubated within the City of Atlanta on the road to the biggest art fair in the world. Show the world what the south had to offer across the board as visual artists was the goal. I had never been to Basel and it was winter so money was getting tight, but with my mentor's advice in my mind, I just had to take the trip. I drove my own car as a matter of fact and was made better for it. I personally just wanted to understand more about a world of art that was opening up to me as I myself, developed into an artist. there wasn't a ton of planning on my part for this one, I just had to answer the call the world was making to me. this film also represented another major step in a developing project on the impact of arts and culture on all of our lives.

produced, directed, shot and edited by Artemus Jenkins

story consultation by KarynRose Bruyning

this is a docu-series concept exploring the creative process through the lives and processes of living and working artists. each episode will focus on a new aspect of being an artist. in the first episode Artemus Jenkins explains the nuances of executing a one-take music video and a photo shoot at the same time.

a Christmas in July 1982 film

produced & conceived by Artemus Jenkins

story consultation by KarynRose Bruyning

"If You Know the Words, Feel Free is a film about life; the various ways it tests, molds and prepares us to live it. Life is something we all experience differently, but it still stands as a song we at some point, all know the words to.

a Christmas in July 1982 film

directed by Artemus Jenkins

featuring & written by Sean Fahie

produced by KarynRose Bruyning

Perception is everything.

a Christmas in July 1982 film

written & directed by KarynRose Bruyning

photographed & edited by Artemus Jenkins

original score by Dominique Perera and Chief Chee for Dreamable Music

"never die with your shoes on" an examination of contemporary manhood

a Christmas in July 1982 film

starring miya bailey

written and directed by artemus jenkins

produced by karynrose bruyning

original score composed by jaye "stagolee" price and spree wilson